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Assimilation in progress

I finally accepted an offer made 2.5 years ago. More details later.


Reddit greasemonkey script: see a headline ONCE

For reddit freeloaders like me (i.e., readers who rarely care to vote), one slightly annoying thing about reddit's presentation is re-reading the headlines I've already seen. So I wrote a start towards a greasemonkey script to make it easier to ignore stuff. Usage: when I look at a reddit page, I scan all of the headlines, and hit my scroll-wheel-button ("Open in new Tab (in background)") on any that I care to look into. With this script, I never have to do anything else in order to avoid ever seeing any of the other ones again. The script is here. Bugs: It inappropriately eats the comment-submit box/button; I should disable it on comments pages. Next to do: It needs a toggle on-off key, and it might be nice to shrink and pale-ify the already-seen headlines, instead of removing them altogether. For reddit to do: when I open a raft of tabs from a reddit page, I sometimes forget what reddit submitter-supplied headline made me choose to read this page. It would be nice if reddit could arrange to have the "referrer" be the comments page for this entry, instead of http://reddit.com/?offset=25 . Nicer would be to set it up so that "Back" would work even when I did the open-in-new-tab trick. Bonus: The script works on ycombihacker news, too.


Headline of the Day

LA turns 226 on Sunday ... but can still pass for 115 thanks to all the work it's had done

(from fark.com).


Cherry Creek trip

A few weeks ago, I led a very fun backpacking trip down Cherry Creek Canyon. Here's one of my favorite pictures from the trip. See how many levels of rock, water, and sky are in it. http://homepage.mac.com/landauer/pix/gh2-gh7-CherryCreek/


Saw a bobcat at Rancho San Antonio

The weird thing was the timing and nonchalance with which this guy just sauntered through the parking lot, as if he knew most of these Cupertinans (Cupertinoix? Cupertines?) were, basically, cat people. The weirder thing was that I actually got some photos. The stupid thing was that I forgot my silly little Sony has a movie mode. Anyway, here's the photos: http://homepage.mac.com/landauer/pix/ggV-bobcat/ Then I walked my required four miles, preparing for the Cherry Creek backpack trip.


Record lows

This past few weeks have been might cold (for California) -- record low temperatures. My posting frequency here and elsewhere has also hit record lows. (My main weblog is not on blogger, and I wrote only 28 entries in it in all of 2006.) But the nearly six months away from here is pretty bad. I guess I ought to upgrade to the new version. But hey, wait! Wasn't it supposed to be a feature of web-based software that upgrades would happen automatically and effortlessly? Here's hoping that it works that way from now on ...