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Big Sur Ventana Molera

Took the new pop-up tent-trailer down to Big Sur for the weekend. Its maiden voyage. Went remarkably smoothly. Under two hours to drive down there, not too much trouble backing it into the site, despite its small size and cramped access road. It was great to be up out of the dirt -- the Ventana campground is pretty thrashed, and there's lots of loose dirt. Marty and I walked up the Gorge trail one day; he and Ben and I walked up to Pfeiffer Falls, way up to the Valley View, and then out from the Andrew Molera parking lot to the beach, and down along the Ridge Trail for around a mile and a half. Fun scramble-climb up the bluff in order to take the north (trail-camp side) trail back to the parking lot. Probably walked about 7 miles that day. Deb remodeled the Columbia, and put together some fabulous meals. She and Mary got to "do the spa thing" on the day the rest of us did the hike thing. Next weekend: (i.e., starting Thursday night): NFSJ!