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Daylight Saving Time Asymmetry Graphs

Apropos of my last posting, and jeez that was an awfully long time ago ..., I was playing around with Google's graph/chart in-URL API, and came up with these neat graphs that show how asymmetric daylight savings time is. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to put in vertical lines, too, to show where the equinoxes are. (Sorry, I've temporarily edited the blog's template to fix the screwups that were not permitting the graphs to show. It made the sidebar go all the way to the bottom. Will fix that one of these days.) [Later: Ok, I fixed that by importing my customized blogger template from another blogger blog, and further tweaking it to fit this one. Whee.]

With line at 5:30pm:

With line at 6pm:


dlandauer said...

See my older Radio weblog "GIGO" for a wordier explanation of what these graphs mean to me.