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Back to civilization

Just returned from a five-day backpacking trip mostly in Yosemite. Twin Lakes - Benson Lake loop, clockwise. Got some nice pix. Lots of snow on the north sides of Mule and Burro Passes. Lots and lots of bugs. Had the big Benson Lake Riviera beach all to ourselves for an entire morning. Kerrick Canyon and Meadow was my favorite part -- wide open flat meadow, interesting peaks and domes on both sides, and a pretty easy climb out at the top, via Peeler Lake. My nephew Ben did great -- he's definitely in his element out there, now that he's 14 and been on six or so trips (mostly shorter, though). His friend Chance was on his first backpacking trip ever, and his determination overcame his inexperience and low-ish fitness level, so by the last day he was walking down the last part with Ben, and I was dragging along behind. Pix will be along at some point.