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Possible BP trips for this spring/summer

  • Potential:
    • Ohlone Wilderness Trail
    • Ten Lakes Basin
    • Southern Yosemite Loop (from memory: Chiquito Pass, Givens Lake, Moraine Mountain, Merced Pass, Ottaway Lakes, Red Peak Pass, Post Peak Pass, that other one nearby with the Porphyry rocks pattern, Fernandez Pass, Chain Lakes)
  • Some Other Year:
    • Blackcap Basin
    • North Lake / South Lake (e.g, Bishop Pass, Dusy Basin, M?FKR, Muir Pass, Evolution *, ... Piute Pass)
  • Vicarious:
    • follow "Wired" on the CDT. http://www.walkingwithwired.com/p/pct-2011.html


Doug said...

"That other pass" is Isberg Pass, I think.